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Langham Lunch Club presents, Cheryl Baker

Thursday 15th February 2023 (£40 per person)

12:00pm    Arrival with a Glass of Sparkling Wine.

12:30pm    Sit down in the Langham Restaurant with talk by                       guest speaker Cheryl Baker

01:15pm     3 Course Lunch is served with wine followed by a                     'Questions and answers' session. 

3:00pm      Carriages

 Advance reservation only by calling us on 01323 731451

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About Cheryl Baker

Lead singer of one of the most iconic 80s pop bands, Cheryl Baker is best known for fronting Bucks Fizz, now called The Fizz. Rising to prominence with the band on Eurovision, Cheryl has since forged a successful path as a television presenter and continues to entertain audiences as a singer.

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