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'Celebrity Hotel' Book by Neil Kirby (Langham Hotel Proprietor)
  • 'Celebrity Hotel' Book by Neil Kirby (Langham Hotel Proprietor)


    Softcover Book (301 pages)




    From washing dishes in the Grosvenor House Hotel basement at the age of 15½ to eventually buying a multi-million pound hotel of his own, Neil Kirby's career has been truly inspirational. Now an award-winning hotelier, he is living proof that if you have a dream, and you're prepared to work hard, then your dreams really can come true. Celebrity Hotel is the remarkable story of how a boy from a south London council estate, with no real prospects in life, strove to achieve his goal. Inspired by the Forte family; encouraged by Sir Jackie Stewart; enthused by Olga Polizzi; it is a journey that saw him working on a daily basis with royalty, Hollywood film stars, sporting heroes, leading politicians, international celebrities and show business legends, including the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Sean Connery, Julie Andrews, Lauren Bacall, Yul Bryner and Dame Margot Fonteyn. In this gritty yet heart-warming autobiography, Neil Kirby gives a fascinating insight behind the scenes in the hospitality industry that will both encourage and motivate, affirming that anyone with drive and ambition can ultimately achieve success in their chosen profession.

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